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ARY SPORTS Biss Key on AsiaSat-7(105.5E)

ARY SPORTS Biss Key on AsiaSat-7(105.5E)

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New Pakistan Sports Channel
New TP : 4060 H 26666
February 2020
4Feet Dish Ok

ARY Digital, formerly known as the Pakistani Channel, was launched in the United Kingdom in December 2000 to cater to the growing demands of South Asian entertainment in the region. Within a short span of three years, the unique proposition and the content of the channel resulted in massive popularity and in order to enable greater expansion and broadcast into other countries. It uses Samacom, a monopolising uplink provider based in the UAE, as the uplink teleport station.

Recently ARY Digital has affiliated with several other television networks to promote their content in Pakistan. Amongst these are Fashion TV for which a regional channel FTV Pakistan has been airing since December 2005 on the ARY Digital network. Plans are under way for Al Jazeera Urdu in affiliation with Al Jazeera targeting 110 million Urdu-speaking households worldwide and HBO Pakistan in association with HBO’s south-Asian division. With the network’s help, Nickelodeon is also planning to kick-start its operations in Nick Pakistan where it would be beamed into 2.5 million households with kids. With so much international diversity under the network’s belt, Salman Iqbal, the global CEO and president of ARY Digital network feels confident that the network is bringing international quality to Pakistan’s growing market.

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