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Chelsea vs Arsenal Football Fights Moments 2021

Chelsea vs Arsenal Football Fights Moments 2021

Let’s start with the Ben White latest. I believe that Ben White is having his medical. That is what we’re hearing from the club. That is what reports suggest. It looks like that one is very close to completion. He obviously went on holiday after the Euros. He was in that England squad that made the final. He went and had a holiday. People were talking about that he didn’t play games but I would say you know mentally professional football can be quite draining and keeping yourself in the right state of mind for being able to play is very important.

Ben White is someone who was involved in that England squad right up until the final moments and he could have been called upon any minute. So, he had to be ready just in case. He is definitely someone that deserved a rest after a long season and has had it. I think it is very exciting that he is going to be joining Arsenal and we think it’ll be this week. I think the announcement is going to be made relatively soon. We’ll see what happens on that front and it is definitely something to keep an eye on as the day goes.

This is a very weird feeling that I have not had in a long time. I am used to praising our players ever since Thomas Tuchel has arrived, but Wednesday against Arsenal, they let us all down. The gift that keeps on giving should be slogan for a match between Chelsea and Arsenal because, for how bad the Gunners are, they have found a way too beat the Blues twice this season. They also robbed Frank Lampard and his squad of an FA Cup last season.

These are the type of games when the worst team wins and despite all of that, the only “person” to blame is the team on the pitch that didn’t do enough to get a win. I would rather Chelsea lose to a side that deserves it as opposed a side that doesn’t. They both hurt, but closure is at least there from the former. As for the result, the game ended 1-0 in favor of Arsenal after Jorginho sent a horrendous back pass to Kepa Arrizabalaga that he narrowly pushed off line, but into the path Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who laid it on a platter for Emile Smith Rowe to hit it into a open net.

Three points dropped and a performance that this team may look back on at the end of season with no big deal, or may rue it if a bounce back doesn’t happen. The Blues’ defense has allowed this team to win games when not scoring many goals, but what happens when you go behind, we saw two completely different games this past week. Against Man City, the team fought back in the last minute. However, on Wednesday, the fight wasn’t enough to get over the line.

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