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Programe National HD Alcomsat 1 at 24.8°W Biss Key

Programe National HD Alcomsat 1 at 24.8°W Biss Key

The idea to establish a national service programme PowerVU Key in Brunei began in September 2007 when His Majesty Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah consented for the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport to lead in the implementation and introduction of PKBN as Brunei Darussalam National Service Programme.

To undertake the task, a PKBN Task Force was formed with members from Prime Minister Office and the following Ministries: Defiance, Finance, Education, Health, Industry and Prime Resources, Development, Communication, Home Affairs, Religious Affairs, Culture Youth and Sports Biss Keys as well as Attorney General’s Chamber.

Programe National HD Latest Biss Key 2021

Programe National HD Biss Key on Alcomsat 1 at 24.8°West Code 2021
Channel Name
Programe National HD
Satellite Alcomsat 1 at 24.8°West
Frequency 12231
Polarity H
Symbol Rate 15910
ID: Programe National HD
Update 2021
Biss Key 11 00 00 11 00 00 00 00

PKBN is a unique youth development program (Calak Brunei) aimed to awaken the potential and give consciousness to youth to become members of society who is strong, strong self-esteem, disciplined, insightful, decorum, a believer, PowerVU Key volunteerism and entrepreneurial spirit, love for country and king and support the concept of MIB, Wawasan Negara 2035, realising a State of Zikir and Implement Sharia Law.

Objectives of PKBN are to develop and enhance the spirit of patriotism, commitment and resilience in youths, to enhance the spirit of solidarity and unity, Biss Keys to develop positive characteristics among younger generation through good values, to instill a spirit of caring and volunteerism, to produce healthy, confident, responsible and virtuous youths and to produce excellent Bruneian youths in line with the Goals of National Youth Policy.

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