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Sport Tv Channels New Frequency On Express-AM3 @ 140°E

Sport Tv Channels New Frequency On Express-AM3 @ 140°E

Sport TV is a Portuguese sports-oriented premium cable and satellite television network with five premium channels in Portugal, one sports news channel and two channels in Portuguese-speaking Africa. The first channel, then only known as Sport TV, was launched on 16 September 1998. It is owned by Altice Portugal, NOS, Vodafone Portugal and Global Media Group (and originally had the participation of RTP). It is available in almost all television distribution operators in Portugal as a premium subscription channel.

Sport Channels Frequencies Satellite
Express-AM3 @ 140°E
Sport Channels Frequencies Satellite
Express-AM3 @ 140°E

Frequency Polarization Symbolrate FEC Channel Name VPidAPid Language SID Provider Beam
10981 Vertical44948 5/6 Eurosport 2
812912russian712 Eurosport Russia 811911russian711
11665 Vertical
39500 5/6 Extreme Sports Channel 832932russian73

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