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Star Cricket New Biss key Frequency 2021 Update

Channel Name : Star Cricket
Satellite :  INTELSAT 64.0 E
Transponder :  11520 H 27500
Frequency :  11520
Pol : H
Symbolrate :  27500
SID : .0004
Biss Key :  AE 50 B8 CC 12 DE 20 15

Star Cricket New Biss key 2021

Channel Name : STAR SPORTS 4
Satellite :  Asiasat 7 105.5 E
Transponder :  4118 H 7000
Frequency :  4118
Pol : H
Symbolrate : 7000
SID : 0002

Cricket Star is an interactive, multimedia talent hunt for the world’s best young cricketer. The first season of Cricket Star aired from December 2006 to March 2007 on DoorDarshan and Zee TV. The passion, drama and energy captured the hearts and minds of millions of viewers who followed the unravelling story on television, across the Internet and through their mobile phones. The winner, Sukhvir Singh, was awarded a contract with Leicestershire County Cricket Club.

Cricket Star India is the first programme in a 5-year international roll out, and the new series is scheduled to air in early 2008. This series will focus on the exciting new Twenty20 format, which Cricket Star helped introduce into India, as the Cricket Star contestants were put through a series of Twenty20 matches to test their skills. Public interest and excitement around the Twenty20 format continues to grow following India’s surprise win of the inaugural World Twenty20 in South Africa in 2007. With the growth of this novel format of the game, there are new opportunities for cricketers with Twenty20 skills to shine.

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